The Whistleblowing tool allows staff, shareholders and members of administrative bodies, persons working under the supervision and direction of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to report serious matters that do not comply with the Luxembourg laws and regulations. The Whistleblowing tool is based on a secure external platform that guarantees the protection of personal data and the strict confidentiality of information. It is accessible in multilingual versions via the below link.

Who could be a Whistleblower?
The law applies to Whistleblowers working in the private or public sector who have obtained information on breaches in a professional setting. This includes, for example, self-employed or employed workers, shareholders and members of administrative bodies, paid or unpaid volunteers and interns, persons working under the supervision and direction of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, Whistleblowers whose employment relationship has not yet begun in cases where information on breaches has been obtained during the recruitment process or other pre-contractual negotiations, as well as third parties who are related to Whistleblowers, such as colleagues or relatives.

Persons who have reported or disclosed information on breaches anonymously but who are subsequently identified and subjected to retaliation shall enjoy the protection provided by the law.

Do you have the right to report?
The Whistleblower shall have reasonable grounds for believing that information on breaches was true at the time of reporting and that this information falls within the scope of application of this law. The whistleblower may report anonymously, although as a general matter the whistleblower should, if possible, identify himself/herself and the firm will protect his/her identity.

Whistleblower has the right to receive an acknowledgement of their report within seven days and a substantial update within three months.

Who receives the reports?
The designated case managers receives the report through the Whistleblowing tool. If the allegation is sufficient to proceed with an investigation, the complaint will be assigned to an Investigation Committee, as soon as possible, depending on the availability of all the parties and the complexity of the case.

Tool and policy

Access to the whistleblowing tool and policy

Whistleblowing Policy
Our Whistleblowing policy can be found by clicking on the following link: AVEGA Whistleblowing Policy.

Whistleblowing Tool
Please click the following link to access our Whistleblowing tool: Whistleblowing Tool.